WP5 – V2 – GASOLINE PHEV DEMONSTRATOR2018-11-29T15:39:44+00:00

WP5 “Gasoline PHEV Demonstrator”

WP5 “Gasoline PHEV Demonstrator” develops the Gasoline PHEV Demonstrator based on the FCA Compact Platform.
The innovative hybridization solution will be based on a longitudinal gasoline engine and at least one e-machine deeply integrated in the transmission.
The P-HEV architecture will be completed by a Li-ion Battery System able to guarantee a proper EV range.
At vehicle validator level:

  • a complete energy and thermal optimization
  • an effective ICE exhaust gases management and reuse
  • the e-Horizon based control techniques will be realized (also integrating WP1 and WP2 relevant outcome).

In parallel two side investigations up to full scale bench evaluation will be carried on for:

  • the enhanced hybrid battery system
  • an innovative eAWD system for the architecture extension

WP-Lead: CRF


Duration: 36 months