The composition of the consortium has been optimized in view of the call outline to develop and implement necessary technological components and systems in the area of:

  • energy-efficient R744 Air Conditioning System,
  • CO2-reduction,
  • railway applications including innovative heating and control approaches.

It brings together key players from the Austrian research, engineering, and manufacturing industry for – in particular – vertical integration of value chains. This value chain includes the following partners with their abbreviations in brackets:


The flagship eco2jet combines the sector-specific knowhow of its partners:

  • to create cross-sectorial added value, (in the areas of future cost-effective mass production),
  • energy-efficiency and the reduction of greenhouse gas CO2.

Small and medium-sized enterprises in eco2jet will particularly benefit from the global market knowledge and access of large enterprise partners. Not the least by getting the possibility to test and to validate their concepts and technologies in an international market environment.

  • Industrial large enterprise partners ÖBB and Liebherr complement each other with respect to their individual industrial and railway expertise. They represent an important part of European transport related industry concerning greenhouse gas, energy and cost efficiency and railway applications. Additionally, ÖBB will represent the “voice of the customer” from development to evaluation reflecting customer expectations concerning comfort for a wide range of operation.

  • Industrial small and medium-sized enterprises ATT, Obrist and Fertinger contribute substantial know-how in the field of engineering, mass production (RF, OE) and research of energy efficient systems (ATT). IESTA accounts for profound experience in requirements and evaluation management as well as in R&D coordination and dissemination.

  • Academic partners complement each other with respect to different research backgrounds. The VIF and TUG IWT have broad experience in modelling, simulation and testing in the transport sector.