The transport sector is responsible for about a quarter of all greenhouse gas emissions in the EU. Almost ¾ of the road, making it the second largest emitter of greenhouse gases after the energy sector.

Since the railway sector can offer considerable advantages for the reduction. A clear political objective on Austrian and European level towards a sustainable modal shift from the road to rail, not least in passenger transport. This shift requires solutions:

  • that improve the attractiveness of rail being a green,
  • sustainable mode of transport
  • increase the acceptance by the user accordingly.

As typical heating, ventilation and air conditions (HVAC) systems account for up to 30% of total energy consumption of the passenger transport by rail. The project’s targets are a substantial increase of energy efficiency and reduction of C02. The reduction of investments as well as operating and maintenance costs for operators by at least 25%. By considering the compliance with relevant standards and low environmental impact are important targets for the eco2jet HVAC system.