Work Package-Lead: ÖBB

Partners: Liebherr Transportation Systems, Obrist, Virtual Vehicle, Institute for Thermal Engineering

Main Target:

Target of Work Package 1 is to demonstrate and to evaluate, in close cooperation with Work Package 6, the development results of eco2jet during regular train operation.

In the demonstration phase, the project is focussing on the eco2jet demonstration of achieving the necessary technological maturity. It meets the requirements of the regular driving operation of a long-distance passenger train at the ÖBB which cannot be adequately simulated in the laboratory.

In Work Package 1 three main goals are defined:

  1. Integration and operation of the Fast Track Demonstrator (FTD) on railjet to get valuable real world system and environment data for the development phase of eco2jet
  2. Successful modifications to the railjet, approvals and the installation of the measuring system including integration of the data acquisition within the existing diagnostic system. This is necessary for the scheduled continuous monitoring of the cooling and heating using the innovative R744 demonstrator and a corresponding reference system.
  3. Direct comparison of the current R134a vapour cycle air conditioning unit with the R744 demonstrator. It offers the possibility to analyse, inter alia, the annual energy consumption of the two systems in detail.  Furthermore, the maintenance activities will be monitored to enable a TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) analysis.

As result of this work package the collected information provide the basis for the further development of R744 technology and also serves the operator as a reliable basis for future technology choice.

Main Tasks:

  • FTD integration and operation
  • Demonstrator Build-up and Integration (Lead ÖBB)
  • Demonstration (Lead: ÖBB)


  • Railway application testing and calibrating
  • Maintenance Interviews
  • Environmental parameters measurement, like weather data
  • TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) and LCC (Life-Cycle Cost) analysis