Work Package-Lead: Obrist

Partners: Liebherr Transportation Systems, Fertinger, ATT, Virtual Vehicle, Institute for Thermal Engineering

Main Target:

Based on the requirements of Work Package 2 and in close cooperation with Work Package 6 Work Package 3 develops the following TRL-6 components for the eco2jet Air Conditioning System:

1) Heat Exchanger: Development of an energy-efficient and cost-efficient R744 heat exchanger for the demonstration fulfilling all requirements designed in Work Package 2.

2) Piping: The goal is to enable the change of the piping components from copper to aluminium. To ensure equal or better endurance and achieving weight and cost reduction to do so. The material selection has to take the applicability of a hermetic connection technology into account. A hermetic refrigeration cycle is a must for the acceptance in rail application.

3) Heat Register: Development an innovative heat register in order to optimize the energy efficiency of the heating system. While reducing the number of required components for heating up the air. The additional benefit of such a system will be cost reduction, weight reduction and improvement of packaging space.

Main Tasks:

  • Heat Exchanger Development (Lead: Fertinger)
  • Piping Development (Lead: Fertinger)
  • Heat Register Development (Lead: ATT)


  • CAD Design
  • CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) and FEM (Finite Element Method) Calculation
  • P-FMEA (Process Failure Mode Effects Analysis)
  • Thermodynamic 1D-Simulation
  • 3D-heat conduction
  • 3D-CFD simulation and analysis
  • Yearly Energy Consumption Calculation