Work Package-Lead: Liebherr Transportation Systems

Partners: ÖBB, Fertinger, ATT, Virtual Vehicle, Institute for Thermal Engineering and Obrist

Main Target:

In Work Package 4 the following goals are defined:

  1. System development and integration of the developed components into the existing Air Conditioning System of the selected demonstration railway application. It aims to serve the key functions heating, cooling, ventilation and de-humidification of a rail HVAC system by the innovative R744 HVAC unit with heat pump operation.
  2. System integration to a whole prototype HVAC unit for evaluation prior to the final build-up and eco2jet R744 HVAC demonstrator. It is the major objective of this work package.
  3. Optimisation of the TRL6-ready demonstrator to reach the overall projects objectives regarding energy-efficiency, CO2-reduction and cost-efficiency.
  4. Development of “Demonstrator Data Acquisition System” to monitor the eco2jet demonstrator HVAC unit during the field test campaign in regular train operation.

Main Tasks:

  • System Development (Lead: Liebherr Transportation Systems)
  • System Integration (Lead: Liebherr Transportation Systems)
  • Task 4.3 Demonstrator Data Acquisition System


  • CAD Design
  • FEM (Finite Element Method) Calculation
  • Software development and ISO9000:2012
  • Yearly Energy Consumption Calculation