Work Package-Lead: Virtual Vehicle

Partners: IESTA, ÖBB, Fertinger, ATT, Obrist, Institute for Thermal Engineering, Liebherr Transportation Systems

Main Target:

Based on the requirements of Work Package 2 and in close cooperation with Work Package 6, Work Package 5 develops the following TRL3 components for the eco2jet Air Conditioning System:

1) Intelligent Control & Predictive Maintenance including Predictive Energy Management using Cloud Data

The first goal of this task is to develop an intelligent control strategy to avoid inefficient operating states of the whole HVAC system in cooling, heating and dehumidification use cases. For the most efficient control strategy and most passengers’ comfort the use of cloud data like weather and route information as well as more indications from the passenger cabin than in state-of-the-art trains and HVAC systems will be necessary. Those control strategies could use (model) predictive control approaches, which will be developed within this task.

The second goal of this task is the development of a maintenance demand pre-information system to optimize the energy-efficiency of the HVAC system. Therefore an ice and/or dirt cover detection of the exterior heat exchanger(s) has to be developed as well as refrigerant fill detection in the refrigeration circuit has to be found. The detection technologies (e.g. “virtual” sensors) have to be reliable and cost efficient.

2) Waggon Heating

The goal of this task is to develop an innovative heat register in order to optimize the energy efficiency of the heating system while reducing the number of required components for heating up the air to the value defined in the requirements.

3) Heat Exchanger De-Icing

In order to de-ice the heat exchanger properly a new and innovative heating system for heat exchanger systems will be developed. The primary goal is to be able to de-ice the heat exchanger without the need of changing anything in the air path of the heating system.

Main Tasks:

  • Development Intelligent Control & Predictive Maintenance (Lead: Virtual Vehicle)
  • Development Waggon Heating (Lead: ATT)
  • Heat Exchanger De-Icing (Lead: ATT)


  • CAD Design
  • FEM (Finite Element Method) Calculation
  • System Simulation
  • Thermodynamic 1D-Simulation
  • 3D CFD Simulation
  • Yearly Energy Consumption Calculation