eMPROVE brings together key players from the Austrian and German Automotive and Recycling / Waste Management sector (research, engineering, manufacturing) for – in particular – vertical integration of value chains.

Regarding the Automotive sector, this value chain comprises the renowned Tier1 engineering and production partners Magna and AVL having international/global market knowledge and access, Zörkler Gears and 4a manufacturing as partners for rapid prototyping, materials and processes and methods for manufacturing, the start-up ATT for innovative energy-efficient concepts and technologies, IESTA as an expert in requirements and evaluation management, and ViF, AIT, and LKR as scientific partners.

Regarding the Recycling / Waste Management sector, besides the above-mentioned Magna and AVL this value chain comprises the leading partner Saubermacher, having direct access to municipalities as well as industry in CEE, Redux as a partner with keen expertise in the recycling / waste treatment of electrochemical energy storage, IESTA as an expert in requirements and evaluation management, and MUL, ViF and AIT as scientific partners.

eMPROVE combines the sector-specific knowhow of its partners to create cross-sectorial added value especially in the areas of future cost-effective mass production, recycling and 2nd life. Furthermore, SMEs in eMPROVE will particularly benefit from the international/global market knowledge and access of LE partners, not the least by getting the possibility to test and to validate their concepts and technologies in an international/global market environment.

  • 4 industrial large enterprise partners AVL, MAGNA, SDAG and REDUX complement each other with respect to their individual industrial expertise, and represent an important part of European industry concerning green mobility and waste management, having international / global market knowledge and access.
  • 3 industrial small and medium-sized enterprises ATT, 4a and ZG bring in substantial know-how in the field of engineering, mass production (Zörkler Gears, 4a manufacturing) and research of energy efficient systems (ATT
  • 5 academic partners complement each other with respect to different research background: VIF has broad experience in modelling, simulation, V&V of batteries and vehicle transmission, AIT in the field of battery analytics, MUL in the area of recycling and second life of batteries, and LKR in the area of novel materials), while IESTA deals with requirements and evaluation management as well as R&D Coordination and Dissemination.

All consortium partners are convinced that the eventual solution of the problem of green vehicles and mobility and will not be provided by a single technology, but will consist of a merge of several best-of-class technologies into an integrated solution that goes beyond the knowledge and experience of a single network partner.